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The Rollair 10-20E V range guarantees low energy consumption and has one of the highest turndown in it's category.
These compressors monitor in real time the air requirements and automatically adjust their speed.
Moreover, thanks to the innovative design of their direct transmission, they enable energy savings (up to 35%) and allow to reduce greatly the total cost of ownership (up to 25%).



As a result of years of investment in product development, the new Rollair 16-31V ensures industry leading performances in air delivery and energy efficiency to a wide range of industrial applications. This guarantees to our customers unrivalled energy savings for their operations.



Compact and easy to setup, the Rollair 20-30 EV rotary-screw compressors range is nonetheless powerful, durable and reliable.
These rotary-screw compressors are all equipped with a superior quality motor and rotary-screw. They are also designed to be very user-friendly. With the various available options, this unit becomes a fully-fledged solution that can be installed in proximity to the user allowing for installation cost reduction for your compressed air system.



The Rollair E V range combines enhanced compression components, powerful motor and very efficient transmission methods to allow you to improve your output on the long term, while saving energy and preserving the environment.
You will not only enjoy reliable and efficient compressed air for your processes, but you also will make spectacular energy and operational cost savings. Energy recovery systems available



This variable frequency range of products is efficient, even under the most extreme conditions.
To optimize the rotary-screw Rollair 40 - 150 compressor according to your needs, several options are available: in-house designed integrated dryer, integrated water separator or integrated energy recovery system.
With the rotary-screw Rollair V 40 - 150 Worthington Creyssensac air compressors, you can benefit from all these advantages in one product.



The top of the line gear driven rotary-screw compressors Rollair 180V-240EV range Worthington Creyssensac has been developed to meet the highest requirements around the world.
Thanks to their solid design, their leading-edge transmission and their variable speed fans, they offer an excellent combination of performance/reliability.
The variable-speed rotary-screw compressors are equipped with two small frequency drives instead of a single large one, which makes them easier to maintain and allow a better work load balance on the drive.



These screw compressor solutions have a superior efficiency due to in-house designed compression elements.
Intelligent control with precise pressure control and intelligent unload cycle control
Separate oil and air coolers for high quality cooling, high reliability and longer lifetime
Improved motor cooling.
For the right application, variable speed technology, such as on the Rollair DV variable frequency drive compressor, can cut the energy consumption of your compressor by up to 35%.


RLR60-100E VPM - New Design Permanent Magnet Motor

A new and innovative drive train with an in-house designed iPM (interior permanent magnet) motor (IE4), coupled with the Imperium inverter has evolved the energy efficiency of variable speed compressors to a new level, resulting in energy savings of up to 45%.

The in-house designed iPM motor is oil-cooled and ensures optimal cooling at all speeds and conditions. Key components are designed in-house to assure the highest reliability and lifetime. Consumables of highest quality enable long lifetime and lower total cost of ownership.

Maintenance-free components enable higher uptime and increased productivity. The new graphical touchscreen controller with integrated connectivity is easy to use and enables remote monitoring to protect and further optimize your compressed air network.



The ROLLAIR 40-50 V PM excels in all the criteria that matter most for industrial rotary screw compressors: cost-efficiency, reliability, low noise and a compact build. A range of options is available to tailor the ROLLAIR to your needs, including a fully integrated dryer for high-quality air. In addition, Worthington Creyssensac can take responsibility for your entire air system, from the compressor itself to air treatment, storage and distribution solutions.

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