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ROLLAIR 300-1900 rotary-screw compressors offers the smallest available solution on the market from as low as 3 hp.
These compressors are available floor mounted, tank mounted or tank mounted with dryer.
A wide variety of versions and models are available to fulfill the most diverse customer needs.
The technology used is coming from Worthinton Creyssonsacs experience on the field, and allows for 100 % continous duty.
The low noise levels, between 61 and 71 dB(A) allows for installation close to the usage point, meaning lower investment cost on installation.



Our Rollair range provides an efficient, reliable and complete solution to deliver the compressed air to your specific application.
Designed to meet the standards of the most demanding applications, our Rollair 550-2000 offers an efficient performance package delivering the air that your system needs.
These compressors are available floor mounted, tank mounted, and optional dryer offering you a flexible choice.
The air tanks are available in 270 and 500 liter capacities.



The fixed-speed rotary-screw compressors ROLLAIR 15-30E are especially designed to cater to the needs of small and medium businesses and industries.
Flexible and effiicient, they are easy to use and have low maintenance needs.
The gear drive arrangement allows the rotary screw compressor to produce more air, granting higher efficiency.
The Rollair can also be mounted on a tank with a refrigerant dryer, alongside a variety of options.
Air flow : from 72 to 227 m³/h
Max. pressure : from 7.5 to 13 bar



The Rollair 16-31 range provides high quality compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications.

As a result of continuous investment in product development, the range ensures industry leading performances in air delivery and energy efficiency, guaranteeing our customers unrivalled energy savings for their operations.



The ROLLAIR 30-50E fixed-speed rotary-screw compressors are the result of a continuous investment in research and development, a pure concentrate of technology able to meet all the requirements for industrial and Automotive applications.
Efficient and reliable, they take advantage of the direct drive technology that greatly reduce the energy consumption compared to the belt drive technology.
Air flow: from 175 to 374 m³/h
Max. pressure: from 7.5 to 13 bar



ROLLAIR 180-220 lubricated screw compressors feature the latest technological improvements on research and development activities to help find optimal productivity. Reliability, accessibility and robustness are reflective of qualities of the dedicated range for industry.
Cooling ensured by self-regulated turbines offers an unbeatable thermal stability and contributes further to produce additional energy savings.
Air flow: from 1011 to 1717 m³/h
Maximum pressure: from 7.5 to 13 bar



The fixed-speed rotary-screw compressors ROLLAIR 270-340 are especially designed to be used in industrial applications.
Their output allows them to reach their full output capacities, whatever the application.
The ROLLAIR 270-340 range compressors feature precision mechanisms and superior quality components, in a modern design to ensure flawless reliability.
The compressors feature the colors graphic controller AIRLOGIC².
Air flow: from 1572 to 2448 m³/h
Max. pressure: from 7.5 to 13 bar

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